SL Hydraulic Hammer

SL Hydraulic Hammer

The SL range of piling hammers is designed for driving sheet piles and small bearing piles of concrete, steel or timber. The SL range is available with legs and inserts for freely suspended use or backguides for operating from a piling mast.

The hammers have the following important features:

  • Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate
  • Allows precise matching of energy to suit pile driving requirements
  • Double acting cylinder produces high impact energy from a short stroke to give a high blow rate
  • Slim design allows hammer to pass between upstanding piles
  • Economical – low hydraulic power requirement
  • Available with BSP Hydro-packs for optimum hammer performance
  • Hammer can be operated directly from a hydraulic crane or excavator bases
  • Drives piles with ultimate load bearing weight up to 1800 kN
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Performance DataRam MassMax. Impact Blow EnergyRate at Rated EnergyOperating Pressure Hydraulic Fow Required Hammer Length (with legs)Hammer WidthHammer Weight (with legs)

SL Technical Data

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Above: Standard SL30 Hammer for sheet piles and ‘H’bearing piles.
Inserts can be changed to drive tubes and square section piles.
Above: Wide leg assembly for SL30
driving 610 diameter tubes.