RIC (Rapid Impact Compaction)

Rapid Impact Compaction

Since the BSP rapid impact compactor (RIC) attachment was first developed for military use almost 25 years ago the concept has become a commercial success and the preferred method for an increasing number of shallow ground improvement projects around the world.

It was recognised early on that the RIC technique, due to its faster blow-rate than Dynamic Compaction (DC), was able to efficiently compact ground to deeper levels than would be expected by just comparing the relative energies of the two methods. In some ideal ground conditions good improvement has been achieved as deep as 10m.

The latest generation Mk3 models in the RIC range are available with drop weights of 7t, 9t, 12t and, more recently, a 16t version has been introduced. Treatment is effective in top layers typically down to 6m depth. The latest MK3 model, complete with a 9t drop weight, is fitted with a new sound attenuation pack which has been designed by BSP to significantly reduce the noise level produced by the compactor when in operation.

The RIC attachment currently being manufactured by BSP is mountable on a regular hydraulic crawler excavator in the 30t to 65t operating weight category. During controlled impact the RIC’s 1.5m diameter foot stays in contact with the ground, ensuring efficient impact energy transfer to the ground at all times. Energy is imparted by dropping the weight through a relatively small height of up to 1.2m at a rate of between 40 to 60 blows per minute.

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Performance DataImpact EnergyOperating PressureHydraulic FlowTypical Excavator Models
ModelkNmBarL/minList is not exclusive; other models in the same weight class have been used and are also suitable.
RIC 700083240220-250CAT330/336, Komatsu PC360, Kobelco SK330/350
RIC 9000106270220-250CAT345/349, Komatsu PC490, Kobelco SK480/500, Hyundai R520
RIC 12000180250280-420CAT365/374, Komatsu PC700
RIC 16000240280380-420CAT385/390, Hyundai R800, Komatsu PC800