Originally BSP designed and developed the DX hydraulic hammer range to meet the technical and equipment requirements of contractors engaged in installing equipment and maintaining the UK’s rail network. It was specifically developed to drive steel piles to support electrification staunchions, gantries and other railway projects requiring foundation piling. It has been designed as an attachment for mounting on road/rail or tracked excavators with an operating weight of around 32t or greater.

When mounted to the machine’s bucket linkage, the hammer can be quickly erected from a horizontal transport position to a vertical position. Side tilt adjustment of five degrees left and right allows it to cope with the cant of the rail lines. During piling the hammer is automatically guided or crowded in the vertical plane.

Three models are available, the DX20, DX25 and the larger DX30, which offer dropweights of 1.5t, 2.0t and 2.5t. Maximum impact energy is 20kNm, 25kNm and 30kNm respectively while blow rate at rated energy for or models is approximately 60 blows per minute.

DX hammers can also be used to drive sheet piles, small bearing piles, tubular steel piles, timber or concrete piles with ultimate load bearing up to 1800kN. They can be operated directly from a suitable hydraulic excavator. A feature of the new hammers is an innovative BSP double-acting cylinder, whereby the ram is accelerated on its downward path to achieve higher impact energy.

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  • Total control of hammer
  • Allows precise matching of energy to suit the pile driving requirements
  • Double acting cylinder produces high impact energy and fast blow rate
  • Economical - Low Hydraulic power requirements
  • Available with BSP Hydropacks for optimum hammer performance
  • Hammer can be operated directly from hydraulic crane or excavator base
  • Can drive piles with ultimate load bearing up to 1800kN
TYPICAL PILES DRIVEN SINGLY OR IN PAIRS. Most Arcelor AZ and AU14 piles. Also, LX / PU / W Ranges, Hoesch H1200 to H3600, ‘H’ Piles, HP260 to HP400, USA HP10” to HP16”. Tubes up to 406mm Dia (16”) Rail Standard 610mm & 762mm Diameter tubes, plus many others...
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Performance DataRam MassMax, Impact EngeryBlow Rate @ Rated Energy Operating PressureHydraulic Oil Flow Required