There are Four models available in the BSP range of CG hydraulic hammers namely the CG180, CG210, CG240 and the CG300 offering dropweights of 12t, 14t 16t, and 20 respectively. Depending on the configuration total weights extend from 19.8t up to 38T.

All the CG piling hammers are designed for driving a variety of bearing piles including steel tube, combi piles, H sections, raked piles and reinforced/pre-stressed concrete piles and can be operated from piling rig leaders or crane suspended.

Important features of the CG range include total control of hammer stroke and blow rate and allows precise matching of energy to suit the relevant pile driving requirements.. These large capacity hammers are capable of Driving piles with an ultimate load bearing of up to 14,500kN.

All CG hammers can be used to drive Raked or Batter piles

Furthermore, the hammers are economical to operate as they have a low hydraulic power requirement, The Hydraulic cylinder is BSP’s own designed and developed system. Drive Cap Dolly changing is both fast and easy while cylinder and dropweight connection with shock absorber is easily accessible for any maintenance requirements. The three models are also available with BSP Hydropacks which confirm to the latest emissions legislation.

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  • Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate
  • Allows precise matching of energy to suit the pile driving requirements
  • Simple fast dolley changing
  • Cylinder and dropweight connection with shock absorber, easily accessible
  • Economical - Low hydraulic power requirement
  • Available with BSP Hydropacks for optimum hammer performance
  • Can drive piles with ultimate load bearing up to 14,500 kN
  • Suitable for driving Raked (Batter) Piles
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