BH Hydraulic Hammer

BH Hydraulic Hammer

The BSP BH120 is a compact, high Performance, and versatile hydraulic hammer specifically designed for driving small sheet piles, bearing piles and general post driving. The BH120 has the following important features:

  • Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate
  • Allows precise matching of energy to suit the driving requirements
  • Fast blow rate for high productivity
  • Manual, tamp and auto control modes
  • Quick coupler for bucket to hammer attachment
  • Suitable for transportation on a machine, around the site or on highways
  • Can be fitted to an Excavator or Back Hoe as shown
  • Choice of metal or plastic drive caps
  • Round, square, rectangular and “H” section posts can be driven
  • Suitable for post and pile materials such as wood, concrete, and metal
  • Low hydraulic flow demand – low fuel consumption
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Dropweight MassMax. Potential EnergyBlow Rate ***Basic Hammer LengthBasic Hammer WidthHammer Weight (W/O leader)Leader WeightHydraulic Supply REQ.Hydraulic Supply to Hammer
KgNm(J)BPMMMKgKgL/min @ BarRegulated
1001200120-1501.50.3550025020-40 @ BarIntegrated Value

*** Blow rate dependant on driving conditions


BH Technical Data

The BH120 is shown here mounted on the leader

  • Leader allows up to 1.5m of hammer movement before backhoe re-positioning is required
  • Leader can be connected directly to bucket linkage or by a quick hitch coupler system
  • Typical pile/post sizes up to 165∅ x 3.5M length
  • Two quick release coupling connections
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Typical Applications


Motorway barrier posts, Boundary fencing,
Sign/Direction posts, Mini piling for house building
Mini piling for subsidence rectification
Piling for foundation support
Sheet piling for retention of banks, trenches
& embankments, Security fencing

Sheet piling of river banks, Waterways & slurry lagoons
Stock fencing, Vine supports, Gateposts
Bank stabilisation for ponds & reservoirs,
Showjumping fences

Sports pitch fencing, Lighting posts
Ball catch fencing
Temporary sheet piles for trench support during
construction & repair of utility services

Tube piles for solar panel and small wind
turbine foundations